ABC's The Bachelor Announcement

Hello, Bachelor Nation!

I'm pretty excited to finally be able to share publicly that I will be on the 21st season of ABC's The Bachelor with Nick Viall.  I mean, how could I have said no this opportunity?

Given Nick Viall's controversial time on the Bachelor franchise, there will be so much to talk about this season.  I will be sharing with you my reflections after each episode (which I can't wait to watch!) and hope to have many discussions with many people about them.  I love discussing and analyzing relationships and social dynamics, hence why I've been a fan of the show.  

The opportunity to be on ABC's The Bachelor came up after I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I was preparing to start my private practice, Counseling Ordinary Courage, when it became clear I was going to do the show.  It didn’t feel right for me to start building therapeutic relationships with clients and then to up and leave for an undetermined period of time, so I decided to put my practice on hold and to push myself outside of my comfort zone. 

The timing of this opportunity was pretty perfect.  I had completed my academics at an early age and had been on a straight path since high school of pursuing psychology and a career as a counselor.  Now, if my practice was already up and running I was doubtful I would have taken this opportunity.  So this felt like good timing to do something a little unconventional, out of my field, and totally terrifying!

Entering this experience actually seemed to be in alignment with the things I was focusing on in my life, as far as vulnerability, authenticity, connection, and dating.  I thought to myself, what better way to challenge yourself in being vulnerable than to go date a stranger on national TV?! Talk about a vulnerability hangover (thank you Brené Brown for this perfect phrase).  I was open and ready to challenge myself in a unique experience, to learn more about relationship dynamics, and to hopefully find love.

All of these areas of focus were definitely challenged throughout this experience.  You can watch my journey Monday nights at 8|7c on ABC, starting January 2nd.  Be sure to keep up with my blog as I’ll be recapping, processing, and reflecting throughout the show! 

Question for Thought:

  • What experience have you gained the most self-reflection from?