About the Blog

Talking with Taylor is a platform for having connecting conversations.  The topics of our conversations are reflective, insightful, and stimulating.  Thoughtful and meaningful discussions are encouraged in the comments section under each blog post in the hopes of facilitating connection. 

Connection is at the center of my life.  With myself, my friends, my family, and my work.  I find that, like love, connection is actually all around (cheesy reference to Love Actually, a wonderful movie you should watch immediately). Creating this blog is a way for me to share with you some of my personal reflections, insights gained from meaningful conversations, and whatever other random awesome things I encounter.  I realized that in order to increase and strengthen my sense of meaningful connection that it is important for me to share my story, even when it is uncomfortable and painful, with as many people as possible. Thus: Talking with Taylor.


Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do
— Brené Brown

About Taylor

So, who am I? 

I strive to challenge myself in the areas of vulnerability, self-compassion, authenticity, boundaries, and feeling my feelings...even when they suck.  I completed a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University, and am passionate about helping people help themselves.  

I'm passionate about helping other things besides people, including animals (especially cats) and local organic farms and shops.
Basically, I'm a helper.